Swapperoo is Coming Soon!

Here at Fallen Tree Towers, we are applying the final polish to our new game – Swapperoo, which we will be releasing across various platforms very soon.

What is it?

We describe it as a  ‘match 3’ variant where the movement itself is the puzzle.

The rules are simple: tap an arrow to move it in the direction it faces. Make a row of 3 tiles of the same color and the tiles disappear.

If that sounds too easy, don’t worry – you’ll find yourself in situations that require clever manipulation of the game board. There’s an assortment of objectives to keep you on your toes: tiles that chase you, tiles that must be matched within a few moves, tiles that must be protected, and lots more.

As well as 38 free-form stages which play out differently every time, we have created 75 challenges with unique solutions, so the game is crammed with content to keep you busy!

Swapperoo is crafted with care for your PC, phone and tablet – and it’s coming very soon!

Watch our website, Facebook  and Twitter for details…

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