‘Quell Zen’ now available on iOS, Android and PC!


Joe and I are delighted to invite you to download the fourth instalment of the Quell puzzle series, available from the links below.

Making mobile games for a living is becoming increasingly difficult. With the popularity of the ‘free’ business model, most paid games (like ours) struggle to gain visibility on the crowded app stores. We have virtually no advertising budget, so if you folks enjoy our work, the most helpful things you could do for us are:

(1) download the game (thank you so much)!
(2) rate and review it
(3) tell your friends

Potential customers increasingly rely on user reviews to make purchase decisions, so every review helps our games to get noticed.

THANK YOU for your ongoing support. We loved making Quell Zen, and we hope you enjoy it even more!

Joe and Lewis

iOS: http://apple.co/29xkcqG
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2abNxE2
Amazon: http://amzn.to/29FBZcq
Steam: http://bit.ly/29FJYoI

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Dee Bingham

about 1 year ago Reply

I bought Quell Zen the day it was released. today my fifth time to start over, it goes back to the beginning every time I get to Distant Hearts. I have started over 5 times. Uninstalled bought new no results. Please respond


about 1 year ago Reply

Hi Dee, sorry you've experienced this problem. We haven't heard of that problem before. Can you drop me a line lewis[at]fallentreegames[dot]com with your device OS and model so we can look into it further. Thanks!


about 1 year ago Reply

I love your work. It's kept me company on some very lonely nights. Thank you for making it. I tell all my friends about it.


about 12 months ago Reply

I absolutely LOVE your Quell series. It is without a doubt the best puzzle game on the mobile platform. I have bought them all and I hope to buy thousands and thousands of more Quell games in the future =)


about 8 months ago Reply

I have played those four Quells and (almost) passed all the levels. The latest Zen is even more complex and fantastic, and I enjoy it so much! Thank you for designing such wonderful games! A player from China

Evan Vasquez

about 7 months ago Reply

I've played all 4 Quell games and they are amazing. Thank you for producing such a fun and polished series. I love that you guys add more elements to each new game to keep the series refreshing. Will there be a chance of seeing Quell 5 in the foreseeable future?

Duncan Coolidge

about 2 months ago Reply

I am glad to pay for products of quality and have thus bought all of the Quell series. The design is interesting in generating no anxiety provoking time pressures, or limits to advancement for not achieving optimum solutions. In a sense it is like an excellent classroom teacher offering reinforcement for effort and achievement but not demanding perfection beyond one's own personal drives. It offers near meditative intellectual challenges. A similar and charming game is called "Awakening Mars" and it is certainly worth a look. Thanks for your creativity and effort in producing the Quell series. Duncan

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