Kuku Wing, Candy Quell, and the Joy of Jam.

Joe and I have recently been taking an active interest in jams.

Not the edible kind (he’s more of a tuna guy, anyway), but the collaborative indie-community notion of blasting out small games – for free – really quickly.

Candy Quell

Candy Quell

A few weeks ago we contributed Candy Quell to the Candy Jam; a ‘Candified’ take on the Quell games as a response to King.com’s trademarking of the word Candy. The game got a few hundred downloads, and we enjoyed the process enough to consider it welcome break from development of our current ‘main’ game (Project H - to be announced next month).

And so, when developer Dong Nguyen withdrew his runaway smash game Flappy Bird, and the indie community sprung into life to create hundreds of tributes, we kinda HAD to get involved. Thus, Kuku Wings was born, an homage to its spiritual father – with the addition of water that adds a buoyancy mechanic; enough originality for us to consider it more than just a ‘clone’.

Kuku Wings

Kuku Wings

We didn’t want the existing community of Quell fans to think that Fallen Tree Games has abandoned its ‘original-game-experiences‘ approach (we certainly haven’t!), so Kuku was released under my name. It just didn’t feel right to have this project sitting next to Quell Reflect¬†on the appstores. It’s currently available on iOS, Google Play and Amazon.

Kuku Wings

Kuku is our first experience of implementing iADs, of making an ‘endless runner’, and of releasing a mobile title outside of the Quell name. It was great fun to work on; and we’d certainly enjoy being part of another jam!

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Shelby Pierce

about 6 months ago Reply

Thank you guys so much for quell momento- I have SO much fun playing. The best part is that it satisfies the puzzling part of my brain rather than being a total brain drain. You serious rock!


about 5 months ago Reply

Quell is the best game by far! Anxious for Candy Quell from the Google Play store,

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