Candy Quell is now available (PC only)

We decided to contribute a game to Candyjam – a game development collaboration in protest at’s (creators of Candy Crush) outrageous trademarking of the word ‘Candy’!

So… we created 32 new levels, some fun new mechanics, and threw a lot of candy into the mix.The end result is Quell Candy, which you can download right now for PC, for free, from here

Here’s a nice summary from Dailydot that explains why we – and other developers – felt compelled to contribute to this cause:

If you’ve played any mobile games at all in the last year or so, odds are good that you’re familiar with Candy Crush Saga. With half a billion downloads to its name, the game recently displaced Farmville 2 as the most popular casual game on Facebook, and it’s been hugely profitable on both iOS and Android.


The beneficiary of that runaway success is King, a multinational company whose winning streak is not limited to casual games. Earlier this month, both the European Commission and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded King a trademark on the word “candy” for use not only in video games but also in related merchandising. If no one succeeds in disputing the application, “candy” will join “saga” as a registered trademark of King Ltd.

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Andrew Leggatt

about 3 years ago Reply

Refuses to open in Windows 8. Compatibility issues. Any ideas? Thanks.

Lewis Boadle

about 3 years ago Reply

Thanks Andrew. I'll look into it!


about 3 years ago Reply

Sorry, also fails to launch in XP; error message reads that it is not a valid Win32 application. Other than that, looks like a great idea.

Judy Bryant

about 3 years ago Reply

Refused to open in Windows 8. Please fix this. I would love an alternative to Candy Crush.

tony boadle

about 3 years ago Reply

Can't seem to download this game either. Is it me or you?


about 3 years ago Reply

Here's a direct link, Dad!


about 3 years ago Reply

I don't even see anywhere to download thew game.


about 3 years ago Reply

I got the same error message not a valid win32 application. I downloaded it straight from the url Lewis gave his Dad. So bummed I was so excited. Love all the Quell games!! I know you guys will get it fixed. :-)


about 3 years ago Reply

It's been a couple of years since I first got Quell. I "took one for the team" over at Touch Arcade (downloaded a game from a developer with no track record on iOS). I loved the game and found many others agreed with me. Your subsequent offerings have been superlative as well. I wish you success and certainly hope people can be successful at keeping these ridiculous trademarks. I am waiting on the day I will start having to pay royalties for signing my name because some part of it got trademarked.


about 3 years ago Reply

Why not android for candy quell?

janice s.

about 3 years ago Reply

god I love you guys!!!! please invent more versions asap I love all 3 and I want more. thanks for all the hours of fun, helping me unwind before and after work. i am not a gamer and i love these games. thanks again


about 3 years ago Reply

Nice game! I've got all the versions of Quell in my iPod and the game is amazing. I think it is the best I've ever played. What I didn't expect was to find another version for PC! Works great on my computer with Windows 8 (x64). I don't know why some people are having trouble to open it... Thank you for the awesome pastime!

Nicholas Wood

about 3 years ago Reply

I was playing through the game when I reached the level "The Three Stooges" I was able to beat it in 12 moves while the game claimed perfect was 14. Might want to update.


about 2 years ago Reply

Love the Quell games! I have all three on my phone, and I have played through Candy Quell several times. What's the status on the fight for the word "candy"? I hope King (and Activision) lose big time! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more mazes and more Quell. :)

Lana Rae

about 1 year ago Reply

everytime I try to play candy quell, it always opens at the second game in the first level. even if I play past that (with a perfect score), it always opens at the same place. I can't get to the second level unless I play the first level again (and again, and again). Any ideas?


about 1 year ago Reply

Hi Lana, I'm sorry you've experienced this issue. It sounds frustrating! I'm afraid I don't have a solution for you as we don't actively update that game anymore. Sorry about that! Lewis

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