Brighton Develop, and an unexpected Apple Feature!

The Conference.

Taking a break from development on our latest – and unannounced – project (‘it’s nearly done – honestly’!), last week Joe and I headed down to sunny Brighton. It was once again home to the the UK’s biggest game development conference, DEVELOP, and we jumped at an opportunity to socialise with 1600 game developers (that is a lot of beards), learn from some of the speakers, play some of their latests projects, and stroll on the pier. Little did we know what surprise lay in store for us…


The famous Brighton pier


Kuku Wing, Candy Quell, and the Joy of Jam.

Joe and I have recently been taking an active interest in jams.

Not the edible kind (he’s more of a tuna guy, anyway), but the collaborative indie-community notion of blasting out small games – for free – really quickly.

Candy Quell

Candy Quell


The Level Design of Quell

Across the entire Quell series, we’ve created over 300 levels. We don’t believe in ‘filler’ content, so we set out to make each level unique. However, we did have a set of design guidelines that helped us shape the puzzles.


Candy Quell is now available (PC only)

We decided to contribute a game to Candyjam – a game development collaboration in protest at’s (creators of Candy Crush) outrageous trademarking of the word ‘Candy’! (more…)